What Makes Us Unique?

Core Alignment Coaching is the foundation by which Emotional Wisdom Training Institute (EWTI) was created. It has become Kate Michel’s brainchild that started with a yearning to help people to recover from grief.

Kate is the founder of Core Alignment Coaching. Her psychology education, vast life background, and creative concepts were the foundation to creating Emotional Wisdom Training Institute (EWTI), which is now the institute under the Core Alignment Coaching umbrella.

A NEW Training Manual!

In the Summer of 2018, Kate invited a group of Core Alignment Specialists for a rare opportunity to be a part creative process of the new Emotional Wisdom Training Institute and the format you see today. Complete with a new look, Kate created a foundational book, training books, and a new website that is packed with educational material and complimentary gifts.

The Foundation of What Makes Us Unique

The number two questions we hear from coaches that graduate from OTHER programs are: “How do I start a conversation?” and “What do I do to create a structured conversation to benefit my client?”

Our institute teaches coaches the art and science of coaching. The art of coaching is taught through understanding the psychology of the mind and the gentle art of partnership with a client. In the spirit of curiosity and coaching from the heart, our students learn tone, language, and the ultimate art of global listening. The science is the proven effects of the coaching when change begins to occur by utilizing NeuroLinguistic practices (NLP) combined with Emotional Wisdom Training. Coaching with these methods have encouraged scientific studies on how NLP creates new neuron sparks in the brain!

Secondly, EWTI methods were created to be simple, easy, and adaptable to any conversation with a client. In just one module, our students can begin coaching immediately!

Next, our students learn the principles quickly and put them to work as they engage with other students. Each student is given a book of scripts from which to hold a strategic conversation that supports the client in whatever they want to achieve. Again, the process is simple and easy.

Did we say “easy” enough times? Our students and coaches enjoy the conversations and return year after year to audit the courses. The magic of these conversations is that you can use the same script to have a completely different conversation!

Our teaching method embraces a holistic approach to aligning the arenas of the mind that work together through the body, mind, and heart. The conscious mind being the heart, subconscious the mind, and the unconscious being the heart. This is the very basic foundation of where we begin to support our coaches and clients in aligning with the core of who we really are and what we really want.