The Power of Coach Position: Our Relationship with Time


Foundations for Advanced Coaching


By Emotional Wisdom Training Institute (EWTI)

12 Week Course
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Visualize it! This unique course, Power of Coach Position: Our Relationship with Time, will take your leadership, business, and coaching to the next level. We will be exploring our relationship with time during this 12-week journey and these mind-blowing processes will awaken a depth of understanding that truly transforms your practice!

It is TIME to unlock your deeper core potential as a coach or leader and learn how to show up for yourself, clients, teams, and create more of what really matters to you. Plus…

The EWTI principles will move you quickly into the future you are creating. As a result, you will realize awareness of the present, acceptance of the past, awaken to the future, and have the processes to lead others through this practice with ease.

Plus! Create a virtual time machine to guide your client with amazing results.

Transform the relationship with time using Neuro Linguistic Practices that are effectively time tested and approved.

Time Line, In Time and Through Time, Time Travel, Aligning With Time are just a few of the processes you will experience, and gather the tools to guide others through, as well.

Align and awaken to the possibilities for change in how you show up for your client and the world as an advanced skilled and trained Neuro Linguistic Practitioner coach/leader and highly skilled professional.


About the course
During this 12-week journey through time, you will learn a unique style of coaching that will take you to the next level of expanding your coaching practice and/or leadership skills. So…

You will Learn to
appropriately guide your client/team member to stay focused throughout your conversation. And…

trust your intuition when your client is in an emotional spin cycle. So, you will gain more confidence in asking questions and guiding your client deeper than just talking them through a project or task. And…

get to the “why” of what is holding them back. AND with the EWTI Principles, Processes, and Practices, you will realize that your whole world has become much happier when you coach or lead.

ANDWe will teach and guide you through
The psychology and science behind NeuroLinguistic Programming. Each week the class information builds from the last one.

As a result…You will be amazed at how much you learn and expand in just 12 weeks!!


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What our alumni say about EWTI:

“As this chapter of my journey in training for Emotional Wisdom closes and a new one starts (to continue gathering information and use it in my everyday life), these lyrics describe so beautifully what I feel… I’m SO grateful for being so blessed to have had this miraculous, blessed experience and am grateful for the opportunity to join hands with you and everyone else on this journey to make a difference in the world by living with the purpose of ‘finding each other’s light.’ Thanks, Kate for letting your light shine showing me how to share mine and share it more with the world. “ ~Leslie Rogers


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