The Art of Telling YOUR Story: Creating a Masterpiece – December 28-February 1

About Kat

Kat began her “coaching career” back when she was very young. She didn’t exactly know what she was doing, but she was coaching her peers at work, friends, and those she managed. Kat became a manager at the age of nineteen and managing people seemed to be her calling, as she was noted by her superiors to have “the gift.” As she expanded her knowledge and experience, Kat became a Regional Manager of a worldwide organization without a college degree. She was quite proud of that!

With coaching from Kate Michels, she learned that her gift lies with helping people find their voice. She listens, teaches, and she learned her own voice. Most importantly, she discovered a hidden gift that she always kept a secret…Kat could write!

Writing and mentoring others has always been Kat’s two main gifts. She has developed her writing over time and now shares her life experiences and philosophies through her blog, co-authored books, and working on her own book to be published in 2022: Riding the Freedom Bus to Your Best Life After 50, Conscious Conversations for Women

Kat has served on various boards of healthcare and community organizations and volunteered at a crisis intervention organization as a court monitor. She has experience in healthcare management, continuous improvement, employee development and has worn many hats in her experience.

Kat is the mother of three adult married children, five grandchildren, and one great-grandson. She spends most of her time writing, walking, enjoying nature, tending to her herb garden and caring for her mini-schnauzer, Toby.

Kat’s passion for people has led her to write her own mentoring and coaching programs based from the Emotional Wisdom Training Institute principles. She coaches women over 50 to live to their highest potential and to break the code of aging that labels and limits aging women. And she teaches leadership at EWTI.

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