James P. Alexander, DMD

“I have been running a solo dental practice for almost 10 years now. My stress was steadily increasing as it became more difficult to navigate the demands of my clinical and managerial duties. So when I began the search for an office manager, I knew I needed the right person. I put my top candidate through multiple rounds of interviews, the last of which was an hour-long session with Kate. I needed to know if this person was going to mesh well with me and my vision of my organization, and Kate has a knack for finding all the things I tend to miss. The result was a resounding affirmation that this person was a good choice, so I pulled the trigger and hired. Well, the results are in, and my new office manage has been at it for almost a year. Kate was right. I’ve finally let go of all the time-consuming headaches that used to severely compromise my enjoyment at work. I’m happier, healthier, and I enjoy my job again, all due to the addition of that one key person. Thanks Kate!”

Alexander Dental

Designation: Dentist