Camille Powell

“I started Kate Michels’ Emotional Wisdom Training to align myself, develop myself as an aspiring Sports Psychologist, improve my growing business, as well as become a licensed Emotional Wisdom Trainer. After getting my undergraduate degree oriented in Sports Psychology, I knew I wanted to become a sports psychologist and coach, alongside my equestrian training business, and Olympic endeavors. While working with Kate Michels for only just a few months it has become clear that she has created an exceptional program to apply essential principles and practices to become a master coach and help individuals to find their alignment to become the best version of themselves. Kate Michels is brilliant in her application of the Emotional Wisdom Training. I have witnessed her make extraordinary things possible for many of her clients. Personally, in the four months I have gone through her program accompanied by her excellent mentorship, I have experienced remarkable and empowering personal shifts that have helped me to expand my personal business, improve my relationships in my life, and excel in all areas I set my mind to… Kate Michels’ applied principles and practices are relevant in all areas of life. They provide an incredible framework for understanding and engaging with experiences in all aspects of my life. I feel a profound sense of clarity, awareness, and acceptance in each moment, which allows me to feel gratitude for all that I experience. It is an invaluable awakening to all the reward that is to come in life, especially through coaching. Kate Michels provides a gateway for each individual to lead themselves in the direction to their true alignment. If you have the opportunity to take part in Emotional Wisdom Training and work with Kate Michels seize the opportunity; it is one of the greatest gifts you could give yourself.”

CPowell Sports Psychology and Coaching

Designation: Coach