What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?

Neuro Linguistic Programming is the programming of our neurons from our language. With EWT the language you use is recognized, reorganized, reprogrammed to support you in a resourceful way.

We all have our unique ‘maps’ of reality. We are a complex and unique mix of inborn genetic potential, and the molding effects from the people and experiences of our lives. Science has now proven that emotional and social development is at least equally as important as is the cognitive development of the growing infant and toddler, and for adaptability and success later in life.

We humans store the memory of our life experience as sequences and montages of visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory representations. These are stored based upon our beliefs – beliefs amplified by the language we use.

We can dial different meanings into our brain and neurology that literally change our experience, and sometimes our memories. It is thought that since the human brain/body being is generally aspiring towards higher evolution, that human neurology often reorganizes itself in resonance with a more elegant way of functioning when the system is offered a new experience that offers a choice in addition to the old, patterned way of doing things.

A skilled practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming can help your system have experience of new choices from which you can incorporate or discard resources, insight and healing.

Replaying old patterns in new ways and adjusting the language we use will actually change the event, incident or accident into a learning experience.  Instead of being traumatized by the drama we can be motivated by the awareness of the occurrences throughout our life.

Thus when we create new neuron paths with different language, we realign the beliefs and move ourselves from being limited by our past to being motivated in the present and move toward the future we know is possible.