March 18, 2021-The Power of Coach Position: Creating Movement with Clarity

The Power of Coach Position: Our Relationship with Time

Thursday, March 18, 2020 5pm PT| 6 MT |7pm CT|8pm ET

The Power of Coach Position: Creating Movement with Clarity

Who Should Attend?

Medical Practitioners, Team Leaders, Marketing Specialists, Managers, Executive Leaders, Community Leaders

Why Should I Take this Course?

The most profound missing piece to a successful collaboration is clear and concise information that meets the needs and understanding of all members of the team or partnership. This missing piece comes from knowing what you want, being willing to ask for it, showing up to carry it out, keeping your word throughout the collaboration, and creating space for gratitude with the outcomes that arise from the successes of the process.

1) Learn the process of using a guided conversation with your clients, patients, or team to streamline an idea and intention to allow you the freedom to listen intently.

2) Utilize principles and processes of themed conversations to learn the art of drawing out valuable information for a group or individual.

3) Transform your practices into a useful tool for easy collaboration in every relationship: networking, marketing, patient care, leading groups, etc.

4) Successfully partner with your clients, colleagues, teams, patients, referral sources, etc.

5) The practice is immediate! This is a live weekly teleconference. We incorporate the power of learning with others in a partnership approach to learning the principles starting the first week.

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This course is about showing up as a leader, coach, or care provider to deliver the best possible outcomes to those you serve.

Each class builds upon the last and brings reflection on what you do best, what you want to do, and how to get there. The EWTI methods are proven principles, processes, and practices that transform you not only as a leader but as a person.