Moving Into Your Mission: Making a Difference! Info Class-Sept. 23, 2021


Do you feel that you want to create more difference in your life, at work?

A 12-week course that dives into the “why” of what we do and what we do IT for. The Moving into your Mission course expands on our role as leaders, whether we are in business for ourselves or serve in a leadership role in your family, school, hospital, or community.

What drives you or your team or your family? Where does that voice of motivation come from? Do you want that special something that other effective leaders have? What is your life mission? How do you make a difference in this world? Am I good enough?

2021 might be one of the most

challenging years of our time.

Will you be mentally prepared

to handle all of the emotional people

that will touch your life? your business?

your family?

This course provides a deep dive into the discovery of how you make can make an epic difference in how you lead, teach, manage, or parent. We take a look at these lurking questions in our mind, see what created them, and then stand up and use the power they possess to build a stronger relationship with our role as a leader, a parent, a partner, a human being.


Each week we bring the focus to the “why’s” of what holds us back from stepping over that line toward being all that we are capable of.

There are NO prerequisites for this course. And, you can do it from the comforts of your desk or home.

All you need is a computer, a phone, and a notebook. THAT…IS…ALL…IT…TAKES…to make a difference for a lifetime! Most students come away from each class feeling grounded, refreshed, and knowing their value as a creative and resourceful leader.

12 weeks packs in a huge of amount of learning the art and science behind effective leadership, along with one-to-one coaching and practice.

In this course you will:

  1. Learn the Principles of Success
  2. Know how to Create an Effective Message,
    1. Vision, and Mission
  3. Apply the Principles and Practices
  4. Develop Structured Conversations
  5. Skill to Hold Effective Meetings, Group
    1. Discussions, Classes, and Conversations

Who should attend?


Receive a complimentary copy of Kate Michel’s GPS to Success book when you register!

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Here’s to your successes!



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