Moving into Your Mission: Business Building – Sept. 3, 2020

Business Owners, Managers, and Dreamers!

This course aims to answer your every “why” of what is needed to move your business to the next level.

This is a unique “Think Outside the Box” concept in business building.

What: 12 week live tele-conference course

When: Thursday nights starting September 3, 2020 at

5pm ET |6pm MT |7pm CT |8pm ET

Who should attend? Entrepreneurs, Business Students/Grads, Career-seekers, people seeking promotions, and anyone who wants to create their own personal mission, message, and vision for success.

With this course you will be able to:

1) Gain more clarity on the “why” of your business

2) Learn about stepping into the producer role of your business

3) Discover and create your own movie and story

4) Explore the rich beliefs you’ve created

5) Develop the “Playing for Keeps” attitude

6) Travel the distance with your mission, message, and vision

7) Stand in your own Light with clarity on what comes next after you leave the course

Your business will benefit by being clear on what you are “doing this for,” what motivated you, and how you continue to refresh and make your business even better.

You will rejuvenate your business by revisiting YOUR reasons for being in business and not be defined by what others think you should be doing.