Leadership Training- MOD #1 April 14, 2022

Become an Effective Leader:

Enter an Elite Group of Life Changers

April 14, 2022: Module #1 Creating Clarity

  • Imagine what it would be like to be the most effective leader on the planet!
  • You would be an expert in resolving conflicts that exist in groups and clients.
  • Your peers would respect you.
  • You would be happier at your job.
  • Can you see where this kind of growth might take your skills?
  • Can you visualize what this might do for your own future as you begin to see success story after success story as a result of your work?

As a trained leader, you will become an integral part of one of the most advanced training systems in the world, based on the tested, tried, and true trinity of Science, Psychology, and Personal Awareness.

Here’s What Makes This Training Different from Traditional Leadership Training:

Unlike traditional NLP techniques and personality typing, Emotional Wisdom Training Institute provides a motivation-orientated, essence-driven, and deeply effective process, focused on authenticity and values.

When leaders shift their core, they directly tap into a charged source of inner strength.

This charge intensifies your approach to seeing roadblocks and obstacles as a curious phenomenon and they become golden opportunities for growth for yourself and everyone you meet!

Need more information? Call Kate 503-939-9675 Email: ewt1tra1ng@icloud.com or Email: ewti.studentcenter@gmail.com GET A FREE E-BOOK GPS to SUCCESS, when you register for any course.

You begin to see challenges as opportunities to thrive! You experience effortless collaboration.

Your team will navigate through challenges with ease as you watch productivity increasing along the way.

As a stronger leader, you get a front-row seat to witness collaboration daily. This is powerful stuff—and deeply satisfying!

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Professionals, Managers, Executives, Project Managers, Teachers, HR Directors, Parents, Chiropractors, Nurses.

New Leadership Classes Continually Starting Four Times per Year! CONTACT US: Kate 503-939-9675 email: ewt1tra1ng@icloud.com or ewti.studentcenter@gmail.com

Each 12-week course builds upon the last, strengthening the power of the mind and bringing value each week.

Each class teaches the principles and is about an hour to an hour and a half. Practicing the processes and practices is about one to two hours. All are recorded for reflection and extended learning

  • Develop – Know What you Want
  • Effective Words- Ask for IT
  • Global Listening- Keep your Word
  • Rejuvenate: Love your job again-Show Up
  • Understand: Acceptance
  • Build intuition- Mastery of Learning/Teaching
  • Discover: The Secret of Leadership

Ask about the several ways to participate: as a client, as a participating student, or as a leader-in-training. Call Kate 503-939-9675 or email: ewt1tra1ng@icloud.com

Begin the EASY process of becoming a more EFFECTIVE leader for better tomorrows!

CONTACT US ABOUT THIS AND OTHER PROGRAMS: ewt1tra1ng@icloud.com or ewti.studentcenter@gmail.com

Kate Michels (503) 939-9675 or ewt1tra1ng@icloud.com

or ewti.studentcenter@gmail.com

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