Meet Kate Michels

Kate Michels

Kate Michels, MCC, NLP is the founder and CEO of Emotional Wisdom Training Institute (EWTI).

Kate created her program by
utilizing the art of philosophy and the science of traditional counseling, mentoring, and psychology to create courses that include NeuroLinguistic Programming and Emotional Wisdom Training.

What has come to be known as Emotional Wisdom Training Institute, Kate implemented five steps to success that has been acknowledged by the Heart Math Institute
as a system that positively harmonizes the body’s bio-rhythm.

These effective methods and Kate’s writings are included in bestselling books with experts such as Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and Jack Canfield.

Kate’s well-known strategic coaching methods have been shared with executive teams in the health and wellness industry seeking to finding resolutions for their clients from dissociative identity disorder, PTSD, bi-polar disorder, social anxiety, eating disorders and sleep issues, to the normal struggles of everyday living.

Kate’s appearances as an international speaker include Advance of the Spirit in California;
Centerpointe Retreats in Austin, Texas; Transformational Trainers, Lithuania Czech Republic;
Summer of Peace 2009, California; and Core Alignment Retreat in Adelaide, Australia.

Kate continues to appear at health and wellness expos, motivational workshops, women’s retreats, transformational training classes, business meetings, community outreach, and more.

Because of her in-depth experience and work in Cranial Sacral, Matrix Energetics and Massage for chronic conditions, Kate is well-versed in the body-mind connection that gives her the ability to expand her reach to an intuitive style of coaching along with the art and science backing that far outweighs most coaching methods in the coaching industry. As a bestselling author, motivational speaker, and an internationally recognized Coach of Coaches,
Kate is also an expert consultant for the Life Principles Integration Process at Centerpointe Research Institute.

Kate’s work has been recognized in Coach Magazine by her popular articles such as Does Coaching Change the Brain? Volume 12, No 4 and many other articles.

Emotional Wisdom Training Institute continues to grow its following because of the teachings, the coaches, and most importantly, our founder Kate Michels.