Live Interview with Marcelle Voomz


“I feel to inspired and expanded after a conversation I just had with Kate Michels. You can watch it here.” – Marcelle Voomz

Being able to share the 5 Steps to Success with Marcelle Voomz in her discussion series was amazing and being asked to do a new interview to present the techniques further, is a tribute to our alignment in bringing the tools to help others in overcoming the obstacles we perceive in our lives. I’m sharing Marcelle’s invitation to you to watch here on my site.

More from Marcelle: You may also remember Kate from the “CREATE DON’T WAIT” interviews series and I was thrilled when she was open to coming back and diving deeper with me.

She dives into her 5 steps to Success (aka Manifesting, aka Making Miracles Happen) as well as beautifully articulates techniques from her unbelievable toolbox to help free us from the barriers and issues we all come up against that can keep us stuck.”  – Marcelle Voomz

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Watch the Interview Here!

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