Kasia Wezowski, Author, Expert on Body Language and CAC Client!


Kasia Wezowski

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Kasia Wezowski is the Founder of the Center for Body Language and the Body Awareness Institute. Known as the World’s leading Body Language Expert, she is the creator of more than 30 methods for Stress Management, Emotional Consciousness and Leadership, and author of bestselling books.

Kasia comes to me for Core Alignment Coaching, thus the reason I am often called the coach of coaches.  Following one of our sessions Kasia expanded the information she gained and came up with a process which she recently wrote about in her post, “What’s Lies Behind Your Sugar Cravings?” on the Huffington Post Healthy Living Blog:

“Three weeks ago, I thought I had a great life. We moved to our new house by the sea in Spain this spring. The weather was a big change from the heavy gray Belgian sky. I have a great husband and now two small kittens that I adore. Moreover everything was going fine with our business projects and I had time for some creative stuff. And one day… one day I bought a package of organic cookies.”

Read the rest of Kasia’s post here.

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