Jesse Ann Nichols George, Compassion Expert, on EWT Radio


Radio Show Logo EWTTune in to a live broadcast of the Emotional Wisdom Training radio show on Friday, September 26, from 1:00 to 1:50 pm EST on as I am joined by Jess Ann Nichols George.

Kate Michels and Jesse Ann Nichols George are in alignment, recognizing the harmony that comes from being aware, in acceptance and awakening to one’s core.

Jesse is the author of four books:  You, Me, Life, Dreams; You, Me, Life, Dreams-The Workbook; Activating Compassion and Activating Compassion-The Workbook. Her Jesse Ann Nichols George writings are founded on the principles of compassion; how to use it to bring joy to all areas of life, to open to living your passion and to manifest a life of joy and fulfillment.  Jesse is an Integrated Development Specialist with over 33 years of experience working with clients and assisting others with their life processes.  She is a 13th generation spiritual healer, energy tuner, life/relationship/spiritual/wellness coach, and holistic and natural lifestyle advisor. She is a 13th generation Druidic practitioner honoring and appreciating the harmony of all things. Her work encompasses practices from Eastern and Western philosophies. Jesse is also a speaker and hosts her own radio show. She has created The Genesis Clearing Statement and The Compassion Tour. To find out more click here

Visit the radio show link Friday, September 26 starting at 1:00 pm EST: Emotional Wisdom Training Radio. Let’s explore the Spincycles of Everyday Living.


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