Expansive Inclusive Consciousness – Jan 15- Feb 19

About Bahia

Bahia Yackzan has designed and led workshops that address oppression, inclusion and equity-building for over twenty years. She has coached university leaders, faculty, students, counselors, church leaders, parents, and more. Her expertise provides multiple models of restorative communication and conflict transformation.

Bahia has served in the US Peace Corps as a volunteer and was first runner up for the J.F.K. Volunteer of the Year distinction in Africa and Southeast Asia Peace Corps region.

She has earned a degree in philosophy at the University of the South and attended International Relations at the London School of Economics. She taught crisis intervention for six years at a domestic violence agency and subsequently led an award-winning public education campaign, funded by Centers for Disease and Prevention in the state of Maine. Based on her studies and experiences, she wrote and produced a film on multicultural perspectives on domestic violence.

Bahia was honored with an award from the Harrington Family Health Center for “dedication, Compassion, and Tireless Work.”

Bahia’s work now focuses on teaching and practicing inclusivity in our every day lives. She has a radio show on W4cy, called “It’s Your Voice” and will be presenting at the International Coaching Federation in November 2021.