EWT Radio welcomes Dream Teacher, Pete Williams


Radio Show Logo EWTTune in to a live broadcast of the Emotional Wisdom Training radio show on Friday, July 25, from 1:00 to 1:50 pm EST on W4CY.com as I am joined by Pete Williams.

I first met Dream Teacher, Pete Williams, at a Lucid Dreaming event we attended together in Ashland Oregon this spring. Pete and I discovered that we are aligned in our mutual recognition that dreams are a great way to access the unconscious.

Pete told me that his first memory is a dream. Intense and powerful dreams bombarded Pete periodically throughout his life, until he made the decision to face his dreams head on. He Universal Petedelved in, immersing himself in workshops, books, and forums, devouring everything he could find on dream analysis, lucid dreaming, and the history and science of dreaming.

Pete’s calling is to inspire, educate, and engage people to utilize the dream world as an invaluable space for insight, healing, and spiritual transformation. Pete currently resides in the Seattle area where he grows vegetables, writes, and dreams on a beautiful organic farm. He hopes to awaken the dreamer in you.

To learn more about Pete Williams take a look at his Facebook. Visit the radio show link Friday, July 25 starting at 1:00 pm EST: Emotional Wisdom Training Radio. Let’s explore the Spincycles of Everyday Living.


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