What Is Emotional Wisdom Training?

Emotional Wisdom Training Institute

What is Emotional Wisdom Training?

Emotional Wisdom Training Institute (EWTI) is a Neuro Linguistic program based on successful principles and established practices that facilitate responding more wisely versus reacting emotionally. EWTI teaching format supports professionals in all industries to recognize the power and potential of coach position.

Emotional Wisdom Training Institute supports professionals with advanced principles, processes, and practices. The institute offers the most advanced and effective tools and strategies available in the world by successfully combining traditional psychology, Neuro Linguistic programming, and cognitive training skills for developing alignment practices.

Emotional Wisdom Training Provides Support

Depression, social anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction, eating disorders, chronic health issues, and ADD.

Emotional Wisdom Training Provides Coping Assistance with Life Transitions

Divorce, job change, relocation, family struggles, death and loss.

Our Courses and Coaching Support Various Professions

Chiropractors * Dentists * Nurses * Medical Practitioners

Group Leaders * Human Resource Managers * Employee Development Mgrs.

Developers * Project Managers * CI Managers

Counselors * Educators * Organization Leaders

CEOs * Leaders * Managers

Nurses * Medical Practitioners * Social Workers

Small Business Owners * Salons Owners * Spa Owners

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