Emotional Wisdom Radio Explores Soul’s Language


Tune in to a live broadcast of the Emotional Wisdom Training radio show on Friday, September 13, from 1:00 to 1:50 pm EST on W4CY.com.  I’ll be joined by Jennifer Urezzio, Founder and Spiritual Director of Know Soul’s Language. Jennifer developed Know Soul’s Language to help people understand their own innate insight and voice. She is an expert at using intuitive abilities in everyday life to help people achieve their goals.

Radio Emotional Wisdom Training IconI based the Emotional Wisdom Training model on the tried and true trinity of Science, Psychology and Spiritual Awareness, and learning more about the language of your soul, is key in the Spiritual Awareness component of that formula.  Listen in and see how it can lead you to deeper Emotional Wisdom as Jennifer and I explore Soul language that will support your wisdom:

“Who am I? What am I here for? Why do I keep falling into the same old patterns with my work and relationships?” – from Know Soul’s Language

Visit the link this Friday, September 13 starting at 1:00 pm EST: Emotional Wisdom Training Radio Show. Let’s explore the Spincycles of Everday Living.



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