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Radio Show Logo EWTTune in to a live broadcast of the Emotional Wisdom Training radio show on Friday, September 11, from 1:00 to 1:50 pm EST on W4CY.com as I am joined by Dr. Matthew Flory.

Dr.  Flory is a Core Alignment Specialist and Founder of Functional Health Team. He and I are aligned in assisting clients achieve their goals using Core Alignment Coaching in our practices.Dr. Matt Flory

People are hearing more and more about Functional Medicine and its empowering, successful outcomes. After deciding to dedicate his clinic to the practice of Functional Medicine, Dr. Flory saw this happen repeatedly, inspiring him to expand the concept and to create Functional Health Team.

Functional Medicine Practitioners (FMPs) treat the whole person, not the disease. FMPs look at all aspects of the person beyond their current health condition, including everything from life experiences and genetics, to personal belief systems and economic-driven circumstances. FMPs don’t use a cookie-cutter approach to healing because human beings aren’t built that way.

As FMPs, Dr. Flory and his colleagues see patients with methylation disorders, chronic inflammation and the related allergy and headache complaints, thyroid, cardiovascular and kidney problems, auto-immune conditions, blood-sugar management issues, anxiety, hyperactivity, depression and other chronic illnesses and infections. When they witnessed the results their patients were having with Functional Medicine, it planted a seed:

“What else can be done to take health and wellness to an even higher level of effectiveness?”

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Functional Health Team is the answer. It removes barriers that hinder doctors and other wellness practitioners from working together as a network to be the “Health Detectives” you need. Patients have access to the expertise of Functional Medicine doctors, chiropractors, medical doctors, pharmacists, nurses, homeopathic doctors, Core Alignment Specialists and professional mentors for stress management, eating psychology and depression, music therapists, physical fitness and exercise therapists, to name a few. As part of Functional Health Team they have unlimited curative tools for mind, body and spirit within their grasp. Going beyond any previous patient care model, Functional Health Team has the potential to change your life in profound ways.

Visit the radio show link Friday, September 11 starting at 1:00 pm EST: Emotional Wisdom Training Radio. Let’s explore the Spincycles of Everyday Living.


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