May 14, 2020-Moving with Time- Course In Progress

The Power of Coach Position: Our Relationship with Time

Thursday, May 14, 2020 5pm PT|7pm CT|8pm ET

The Power of Coach Position: Moving with Time

You will learn the process of using a script with your clients to streamline the conversation to support the client in focusing on what they really want.

Learn processes such as time machine, where you guide your client with amazing results.

Transform your client’s view of relationships by using Neuro Linguistic Practices that are truly time tested and approved.

Time Line, In Time and Through Time, Time Travel, and Aligning With Time are just a few of the processes you will be experience.

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED -See our next upcoming Buisiness Building Module starting September 3, 2020.

Align and awaken to the possibilities for change in how you show up for your client and the world as an advanced, skilled and trained Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, coach/leader, and highly skilled professional. Visit our website for more information: