Core Principles of Alignment: Wondrous Movement – Dec. 3, 2020

This powerful twelve-week course covers the effective principles, processes, and practices of Emotional Wisdom Training Institute.

Each week the instructor covers Neuro Linguistic Programming conversations that create clarity, support, break-through discovery, and action steps toward achieving success.

Movement is Essential to Growth!

At Least 7 Things You Can Achieve with this Course

1. Learn What Taking “Coach Position” can do for Your Business

2. How to take “Coach Position” when Leading or Coaching

3. Re-Gain Control of an Out-of Control Conversation

4. Support your Team(s) or Employees to Work Cohesively

5. Reap the Benefits of Leading for You

6. The Power of Strategic Conversations to Get What You Want

7. Master Global Listening Skills to Recall Past Conversations

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