Core Principles of Alignment: Wondrous Movement – January 6, 2022

This powerful twelve-week course covers the effective principles, processes, and practices of Emotional Wisdom Training Institute.

Progressive classes build each week on the principles, processes, and practices of NeuroLinguistic Programming and the skills to be an effective leader.

Students actively participate in conversations that create clarity, support, break-through discovery, and action steps toward achieving success.

Movement is Essential to Growth!

At Least 7 Things You Can Achieve with this Course

1. Learn the HOW of effective leadership

2. Take your leadership skills to new heights, thinking in a new way.

3. Re-Gain control of an out-of control conversation

4. Support your team, group, or family to work cohesively with great focus

5. Reap the benefits of leading practices for YOU: less stress, more focus, better productivity

6. Realize the Power of Strategic Conversations to Get What You Want

7. Master “global listening skills” to recall past conversations that make present ones even more effective.

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