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The Core Alignment Coaches are an elite group of individuals who have devoted their professional lives to enriching the lives of people, groups, and helping businesses leverage their competition by creating cohesive teams.

Unlike other coaching methods, our EWTI coaches meet people where they are currently in their lives and in their business. They use the art and science behind NeuroLinguistics and Emotional Wisdom Training to support clients in gaining what they want to achieve in a short period of time.

Each of our team members is gifted and trained in several areas of expertise. All of them, however, utilize the EWTI methods of personal coaching and team building. Take a look and see which one might work with your current situation.

Bahia Yackzan

Founder, Know What You Want Coach Training Program

“When You Show Up for Yourself, You Show Up for the World.”  ~Bahia T. Yackzan, message.
Mission: To cultivate new or long-held possibilities for people, organizations, first nations, tribes, businesses and colleges, with professional support so that they can pursue what they truly want with confidence and know-how to lead lives of remarkable fulfillment.  
Vision: To enrich and connect people of many backgrounds so that together we can collectively create widespread, inclusive equity and extend the wisdom and joy of diverse leadership across all borders.
Core Alignment Specialist* NLP Practitioner*Emotional Wisdom Trainer*Cross Cultural Communicator *Core Alignment Coach Specialist* Coaching and Inclusion workshops *Cognitive behavioral Techniques* Certified Cross Cultural Communications Consultant* BA  in Philosophy Contact Bahia 

Kat Kohler Schwartz

Kat is our staff Instructor at EWTI. She has served as a coach and mentor for five years with EWTI and owns her own professional mentoring practice, Taproots for Life.   

” I trust the flow of my intuition to follow my inner voice and advocate for those who seek the same.”  ~ Kat Kohler Schwartz, message

Message:  I trust the flow of my intuition to follow my inner voice and advocate for those who seek the same.

Mission: I am passionate about connecting people with the knowledge they seek to become superior leaders and coaches who want to make a positive impact for change in the workplace and in the world.

Professional Emotional Wisdom Training Institute Instructor*Certified Professional Emotional Wisdom Specialist*NLP Practitioner*Dementia Coach*Domestic Abuse Coach* Relationship Coach* Small Business Coach* Pre/Post Trial Domestic Abuse/Custody Mentor* Psychology of Happiness Cert.* Court Watch Advocate for Domestic Abuse* Parent Coach* Teacher Mentor*Corporate Healthcare Industry Management* Eldercare Advocate*Surgical Assistant* Home Health Administrator* Project Management* CPR Instructor* Hospital Educator* Quality Assurance Specialist*Sales, Marketing*ISO 9001:2000 Certified Lead Auditor* FDA trained* Grant Writer*Aromatherapist I* Reiki Master/Teacher*Facilitator* SOP Writer*Creative Writer* Blogger*Published Author*Radio Show Guest 

Specialty:  Elevating coaches, leaders, parents and teachers to expand their wisdom to support others in creating a better, more cohesive world at home, in the community, and in the workplace.

Kat serves as an avid writer/author, content writer, blogger, vlogger, instructor, and public speaker for EWTI.  Kat teaches coaching classes weekly for EWTI. She still serves her clients in her own practice, Taproots for Life, LLC.

   Contact Kat

Mary Brown

Founder, Etched In Your Heart, LLC

“When you give yourself permission to show up and be present, the healing can begin.” ~Mary Brown, message

Mission:  To coach women to see, think, feel, accept and move past their pain; transforming themselves back into the strong women they were before divorce.  

Vision:  To support divorced women in rising above the wreckage where more joy, more peace, more self-confidence is found and most importantly, the light that was once dim within them, will shine brightly again.

Core Alignment Specialist* NLP Practitioner* Emotional Wisdom Trainer* Human Trafficking Advocate/Coach* Divorce Coach* Dementia Coach* Spiritual Coach* Social Work Coach* Single Mom Coach* Assertiveness Coach* Living Loved Coach* Self-Confidence Coach* Couples Coach* Teen Coach* Group Coach*Blogger*Speaker*Author

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Cheryl Fountain

There are different ways to be in the world that can support each of us living in balance with one another and the earth.”     ~ Cheryl Fountain, Message

Mission: Sharing information with people that there is a different way, and that that we have choices. There are ways to make choices that come from our inner selves that benefit everyone involved and can create a better world for ourselves and others.

Professional Emotional Wisdom Training Institute Instructor* Certified Professional Emotional Wisdom Specialist* Certified NLP Practitioner *Social Work Degree from University of Regina, Canada *Reiki III Practitioner*Facilitator*Public Speaker*Community Event Organizer*Content and Program Writer*Trained in Transpersonal Psychology

Specialty:  Mobilizing and supporting people in finding their inner knowledge, confidence, and trusting their intuition.  Understanding energy; helping others trust themselves and others through their healing process; and assertiveness training.  Contact Cheryl

Lynne Hilderman

Contact Lynne
I facilitate you to ‘create amazing songs of life’,‘hearing a choir’ within all areas that are important to you.”
~ Lynne Hilderman

Co-Founder, Britannia Bodyworks, Inc.

Vision: Creating nurturing environments that provide harmonization of all aspects of your wellbeing – physical, emotional, mental and soul. Seeing you move more freely through life.

Message: There is always so much more going on than we think and feel. What more is actually possible here?

Mission: She is all about creating movement, functionality, and flow in your body, mind and heart. She can help you resolve muscular tension providing relief for your aches and pains. She will get you moving in places that might be restricted and provide resources for greater functionality.

Core Alignment Specialist*Emotional Wisdom Trainer*NLP Practitioner*Registered Massage Therapist*Certified Reflexologist*Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator *Cranioscral Specialist *Healing Touch Practitioner*Reiki Master*Communication Mastery Coach*Art of Feminine Presence Teacher*  

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Nora Coolridge

Nicole Fortin

Terryl Holzinger

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