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Radio Show Logo EWTTune in to a live broadcast of the Emotional Wisdom Training radio show on Friday, November 7, from 1:00 to 1:50 pm EST on as I am joined by Julie-Anne Braun.

Julie-Anne Braun, author of the award winning Fallen Angel Rising, and I are linked through our involvement with the Point Of Light organization and through our commitment to inspire others to really show up in their life. In 2008, Julie-Anne had it all: a full-time job as a firefighter/EMT/911 dispatcher, a great social life, a cozy home, a good physique, and even a sporty red convertible. By 2011, she’d lost everything.

At first, Julie-Anne didn’t acknowledge her depression because she viewed it as a choice orJulie-Anne Braun “character flaw.” Not knowing to seek help until it was too late, she attempted suicide. She survived thanks to a miracle, but life was about to get harder. She was soon harassed out of her job, diagnosed with another debilitating illness, lost her ability to walk without a cane, became homebound and finally had to sell the home that she loved.

Julie-Anne decided there had to be more to life than a couch and television reruns. No longer able to return to her original career, she realized that she could still help people through her story. The first edition of her award-winning autobiography, Fallen Angel Rising under the pen name Bridgette C. Kent, was published in 2012. Soon Julie-Anne began hearing from people around the world thanking her for sharing their stories, for letting them know they were not alone, and for showing them they did not have to be ashamed of the past.

Today she is also a professional speaker who sits on the Wisconsin Governor’s Advisory Council on Mental Health. After finding her own way through the darkness and into the light, she now hopes to help others find their light.

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