A New Symbol for Quantum University


Egyptian Dung Beetle

The Egyptian Scarab Beetle… a new symbol for Quantum University?

Dr. Paul Drouin, President of Quantum University and my radio guest on this Friday’s EWT Radio Show, is on a journey for a new vision in healthcare. He recently blogged about a trip he made to Egypt and where he found inspiration. “The scarab, an Egyptian dung beetle, after laying its eggs in a small ball of dung, pushes this ball wherever it goes as though it were pushing the morning sun out of the darkness, into our world and across the sky. A sign of spontaneous creation, the scarab became the symbol of regeneration and renewal, an important power to have for the trip through the underworld,” Dr. Drouin writes in his post. “Quantum University, revealer of hidden things and initiator of a renaissance medicine, like the Egyptian scarab beetle, is pushing the new frontier of modern medicine,” Read the whole post here.


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