Emotional Wisdom Training

Emotional Wisdom Training is a highly distinguished method of education and support for coaches and professionals that teaches simple, unique, and effective principles, processes, and practices. Emotional Wisdom Training Institute (EWTI) offers the most advanced effective tools and conversation strategies in the world. By combining traditional psychology, the science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and the art of cognitive training, professionals can easily practice structured and meaningful conversations with clients -or teams - that bring better outcomes than traditional coaching. EWTI students learn the power of "coach position" as they develop the values of showing up and keeping their word for clients (and themselves) during the coaching process.

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Core Alignment Coaching

Core Alignment Coaching is an institution that employs a philosophy of coaching that is unparalleled by other coaching formats. It is set apart from other more conventional styles in its value-based, motivation-oriented and essence driven process. Students can experience personal growth as they discover their own core values and truths while practicing the strategic principles and processes. The success of Core Alignment Coaching is rooted in the deep awakening and awareness the students experience during their time spent with an instructor and coach throughout the program. The weekly curriculum supports the student as they immediately take the principles to task while having active and meaningful conversations in the very first week.

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Book Kate Michels

Kate Michel’s has been called the guru of emotional wisdom and the coach of coaches. Book her to seek, present, or train your group today.

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Kate Michels, head of Emotional Wisdom Training, is founder and CEO of Core Alignment and cofounder of Point of Light Network. As an internationally recognized best-selling author and motivational speaker, She is an expert in assisting others to let go of past spin cycles and live aligned in truth. Using the parameters of traditional counseling, mentoring and psychology, Kate has applied Neuro-Linguistic Programming to create a simple process for success. Kate has developed courses for Emotional Wisdom Training Institute to support professionals such as:

  • CEOs

  • Chiropractors

  • Counselors

  • Developers

  • Educators

  • Facilitators

  • Group Leaders

  • Nurses

  • Practitioners

  • Social Workers


What is Emotional Wisdom Training?

Emotional Wisdom Training Institute (EWTI) is a Neuro Linguistic program based on successful principles and established practices that facilitate responding more wisely versus reacting emotionally. EWTI teaching format supports professionals in all industries to recognize the power and potential of coach position. Emotional Wisdom Training Institute supports professionals with advanced principles, processes, and practices. The institute offers the most advanced and effective tools and strategies available in the world by successfully combining traditional psychology, Neuro Linguistic programming, and cognitive training skills for developing alignment practices.

Emotional Wisdom Training provides support for the following:

Depression, social anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction, eating disorders, chronic health issues, and ADD.

Emotional Wisdom training provides Coping assistance with life transitions:

Divorce, job change, relocation, family struggles, death and loss.


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